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Recent findings from the Tipping Points project

Spread of smoking behaviour in populations through multiple peer influence Researchers from the Tipping Points project have developed a new modelling approach for understanding the spread of unhealthy behaviours through multiple peer influence, such as people’s tendency to follow social norms by imitating their peers or in response to peer pressure, using smoking as a case study. Peer influence […]

Use of emotion words in books indicates trends in history and culture

March 20, 2013 by


Researchers from Tipping Points have for the first time tracked how words in British and American English books published in the 20th century correspond with historical and cultural trends. They categorised the words according to moods such as sadness, disgust, joy, fear and surprise. English language is well-known for its ‘mood words’. Anyone who reads […]

Are key climate science words going out of style?

November 16, 2012 by


Are words from climate science no longer as important in scientific, public and political forums as they once were? According to new research, keywords from climate science are being used less overall and are currently on a downward trend. Similar to pop music or designer clothes words go in and out of fashion over time. […]

How baby names reflect cultural change

What’s in a name that allows it to spread widely across large populations and be copied by others?  While many people have conventional names like ‘Mary’ or ‘David’ there are also a diverse variety of names in use today that are in strong contrast to the most popular names generations before them.  The choices of […]

How stuff spreads

Dr Alex Bentley, one of the lead researchers of Work Package 4 of the Tipping Points project  gives a fascinating talk about how social trends and commodities from eyeglasses to mobile phones diffuse through culture.  He gives particular attention to the role of internet-based social networks such as Facebook and the influence they have in […]


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