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I’ll have what she’s having: Mapping Social Behavior

Deputy Director of the Tipping Points project, Dr Alex Bentley, is the lead author of a new book published by MIT Press.  This is a truly exciting work that looks at how ideas and activities spread through social copying.  Summary provided by MIT Press: Humans are, first and foremost, social creatures. And this, according to […]

Tipping Points researchers embark on field expedition to Greenland

August 3, 2011 by


Researchers from WP1 of the Tipping Points project, ‘Rapid Neo-glacial transitions in the North Atlantic’, are embarking on a quest to collect artefacts (such as non-biting midges and pollen grains) that will be used to reconstruct past temperature records in order to reveal what the climate was like thousands of years ago.  This is the […]

Amazon rain forest ‘climate tipping point’

February 8, 2011 by


Tipping point has often been used to explain the science of climate change, especially what has been called ‘runaway climate change.’  An article today in The Guardian expressed grave concern about the Amazon after a study was published in Science about the Amazon droughts in 2005 and 2010: Billions of trees died in the record […]

Climate change modelling and polar bears

December 22, 2010 by


The polar bear has become an icon of climate change, its struggle for survival a forewarning that people are affecting the planet’s climate in ways that are harming life on Earth at a scale that is almost unimaginable.  But a recent article featured in New Scientist, ‘No tipping point for polar bears’ Arctic ice’, reports […]


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