Blogging Tipping Points Conference 2012

Posted on July 1, 2012 by



We are excited to announce that the annual Tipping Points conference taking place at the Durham Business School will be featured on this blog.  Researchers from the project will be blogging about sessions from the conference on a variety of topics from business management techniques to the diffusion of buzz words as well as bank stability, the global financial crisis, social innovation, plus much more.  This year’s conference is organised by Work Package 4: Metaphor and Agency and features Prof Eric Abrahamson from Columbia Business School who will deliver the Keynote Lecture ‘The Dubious Market For Shady Business Techniques’ (read more about it here).  You can also follow the conference on IHRR’s Twitter @_IHRR and/or through the hash tag #tippingpoints.  We plan to record some of the sessions on video and with presenters’ permission will make some of them available publicly.

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