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The spread of tipping point in academic journals

August 13, 2014


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There are many definitions of tipping point in use today, especially in the sciences. In academia tipping point tends to be used in different ways according to the discipline in which it is used, however, there are also some interesting similarities. Below are some examples of how tipping point is used in the physical and […]

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Eco-tipping points and the power of narrative in literature

August 5, 2014



A narrative is a story, a sequence of written or spoken words. It is in many ways the foundation that all literature stands upon, that makes language intelligible and shares understanding, whether it is a fictional or factual event. Thus if narratives of various kinds structure the imagined world, they also structure reality, our social […]

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An enlightened approach to corporate governance


Legal researcher Dr Vincenzo Bavoso finds that a new form of corporate governance is needed to restore societal imbalances worsened by the global financial crisis. Dr Bavoso investigated corporate law and governance issues that emerged within the context of the global financial crisis. As large public corporations have become the engine of modern western economies, […]

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